Local Attractions in & around Christchurch

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Known as New Zealand’s Garden City, there are plenty of things to do in & around Christchurch. From Dyers House, the city centre is about 10 minutes away by car.  From the bus stop close by, the journey will take around 20 minutes on public transport. Christchurch Attractions not to be missed:

Visitor Attractions Christchurch Tram


The City Mall on Cashel Street is now the site of an exciting urban innovation called “Re-Start”. This pop up shopping mall is made entirely from shipping containers and a local attraction with an international reputation. You can go for coffee, buy new clothes or shop for New Zealand made souvenirs. Alongside is our department store Ballantynes, always worth an hour or two.

Barry and Angela have plenty of maps and can show you exactly where the premier Christchurch activities are. In the heart of the city, you will also find the Cultural Precinct - home to the Canterbury Museum and Botanic Gardens. Many coach and bus tours operate from here.

Wildlife enthusiasts can visit Orana Wildlife Park, Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, or the little blue penguins at the International Antarctic Centre. Those who love aircraft rave about the aviation collections at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand.

You can spend a day exploring the Port Hills and East Coast beaches, head inland across Canterbury Plains, take a world-class rail journey over the Southern Alps on the Tranz Alpine, join the Lord of the Rings Edorus Tour or swim with the dolphins in Akaroa.

Wine lovers will know that the South Island of New Zealand is part of the prestigious Great Wine Capitals Global Network. There are numerous wine tours available so you can explore Waipara - New Zealand's fastest growing wine area producing a fine selection of sophisticated white and red wines.

Our Personal Favourites include:

Canterbury Museum
www.canterburymuseum.com Willowbank Wildlife Reserve  www.willowbank.co.nz
Christchurch Botanic Gardens
www.ccc.govt.nz Tranz Alpine rail journey www.tranzscenic.co.nz
International Antarctic Centre
www.iceberg.co.nz Hassle Free Tours  www.hasslefreetours.co.nz
Air Force Museum of New Zealand www.airforcemuseum.co.nz Orana Wildlife Park www.oranawildlifepark.co.nz

Cruise/swim with Hectors dolphins


Waipara Wine Trails