A Strange Family Relative

From the Diary of a High-Class Landlady

Angela Hawkins

Every family has one.

You know what I mean, a strange relative.

We have a number of citruses in our garden at Dyers House, lemon, lime, nectarine but one family member has everyone curious.

Buddha's Fingers is a member of the citrus family, closely related to the lemon tree.

This time of the year it makes its presence known, ripening with a bright yellow fruit called Buddha’s hand or Buddha’s fingers. The inside is totally pith, no pulp or juice, so its culinary appeal is almost entirely focussed on the skin with its subtle sweet lemon fragrance and taste.

You can use Buddha’s fingers in much the same way that you use lemon rind or zest and there are plenty of recipes on the internet.

However, we use it as a centrepiece on our dining table and the conversation soon turns to strange relatives…

Posted by Angela on July 14, 2018